Theoretically, the Brexit could fail-the agreement on Tuesday evening, prior to the actual vote. Because first of all the deputies in the British decide, in the house on several Amendments. Currently, about a dozen such proposals are according to the demInstitute for Government, a think-Tank of the United Kingdom. Up to the vote on Tuesday, however, more are added or existing ones could be deleted. A request receives a majority, würdeerals additional be included in the text of the contract. Although they are not binding, would stop according to the current state of four of the applications in the event of your acceptance of the procedure – request-namely, to reject the agreement.

they were Introduced from different sides, and you are subject to a variety of conditions. One of the proposals comes from the Labour and leaderof not only to the negotiated agreement, but also a “No-Deal” is a cancellation. In the past, head of the Labour party’s Jeremy Corbyn had already pointed out, the Brexit agreement was a bad Deal, “whether you are for or against a whereabouts voted in the EU”. Instead, it should be tested in accordance with the Labour proposal to “any other Option” for the Brexit. An explicit proposal.

The request of Vince Cable, a member of the liberal Democrats, the Labour proposal, it is called as a test Option, but explicitly a second Referendum on the withdrawal. It is being supported so far by the eight members of his party. Cable has also introduced a second proposal, rejects the agreement, but a second Referendum calls.