Brexit-comment: The EU protects itself


a Hundred days before the Brexit, the Europeans are in a grotesque position. Laboriously, the EU has negotiated, Commission for the 27 remaining member States with the British, an agreement, whose outlet, the “on the continent” nobody wants to regulate reasonably.

Because there is in Westminster so far, no majority, you need to prepare both sides a disorderly Brexit. Even if such, the British would be much harder than the rest of Europe, which would lead to the mitigation of shocks is also in their interest.

This, of course, timely arrangements with London would be necessary. Such negotiations, in addition to ran out, the existing agreements to undermine it.

In this Emergency, it is wise that the Commission recommends that the 27 governments, “generous” in their countries living British deal: What is likely to be ugly, should not be personally.

but It is equally reasonable that Brussels is the case with other questions from the flight – to Finance transactions, not magnanimity, but makes it clear what it’s about: self-protection through damage-limitation.