At the Dutch North sea coast, three urns have been flushed from the Greifswalder crematorium. They were intended to be burial at sea, as the “Ostsee-Zeitung” reported on Wednesday. The Dutch shipping company, a one-way Trip Scheepvaart in Scheveningen confessed to a glitch in the planned burial: The wet cardboard with the polls has slipped to a member of staff from the Railing into the sea, said Silvia Roos from the shipping company, the German press Agency.

The urns should be removed from the carton, opened, and the ashes will be scattered in a so-called anonymous burial in the sea. “The incident is very embarrassing,” says Roos.

First of all, had discovered a 14-year-old Boy an urn on the beach of Noordwijk. Not far away, two more urns were found.