Brazils future President A stain on Bolsonaros white vest
Brazils future President A stain on Bolsonaros white vest

The financial transactions of Fabrício de Queiróz in the year 2016 were so striking that they managed to apply the Brazilian “Council for control of financial activities” (Coaf). Through the Bank account of Queiróz 1.2 million in Real terms, the equivalent of € 270,000, an amount of his income and assets do not explain the fins in the said year. In addition, he raised very often in cash. To whom the money went, is largely unclear. A few thousand Real, however, was in the Form of a check to the aspiring Brazilian First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro. And it is also known that Queiróz is a former employee of Bolsonaros son Flávio, in the past few years, a Deputy in the state of Rio de Janeiro and in the future, as a Senator in Brasilia will be working. Queiróz is regarded as a close friend of the policy family.

Tjerk Brühwiller

Rapporteur for Latin America with headquarters in São Paulo.

F. A. Z.

The report of the Coaf was created at the request of the public Prosecutor’s office. She has encounter in Rio de Janeiro in another corruption investigation. Raises questions is the fact that Queiróz and his daughter, who worked in the office of the previous members and prospective President Jair Bolsonaro, submitted both before the beginning of the investigation, their termination. The “atypical transactions” in the account of Queiróz are tort, not a Criminal, as long as the origin of the money is legal. There is currently no reliable information.

condemnation of corruption and cronyism

Iron, however, will be the suspicion that Flávio Bolsonaro had paid its employees, or purported employees in the regional Assembly in Rio, excessive salaries, a part of reclaim. This also speaks, that Queiróz took off shortly after the Transfer of amounts of cash. Flávio Bolsonaro would not be the first politician who had enriched themselves in this way in his office.