Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion Jackson Sousa Praises UAE for Transforming the Sport

Jackson Sousa, a prominent Brazilian jiu jitsu athlete, recently clinched the gold medal in the Masters 94kg division at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour event in Istanbul. This victory marks the beginning of his first full campaign on the tour, which consists of ten rounds scheduled for the 2024-25 season.

Sousa, who has experienced a career resurgence with the support of the UAE, expressed his gratitude towards the UAE Jiu Jitsu Federation for revolutionizing the sport. He commended the federation for expanding the reach of jiu jitsu to new audiences and territories, showcasing exemplary leadership and innovation in promoting the sport and its athletes, both male and female.

The Brazilian athlete, sponsored by UAE tech venture company Scalo Technologies, highlighted the exceptional organization and design of UAE jiu jitsu events, emphasizing the honor of participating in them. Sousa also acknowledged the crucial role played by the Federation in providing opportunities for top athletes, including young talents, to compete on a global stage.

Drawing inspiration from his challenging upbringing in a Brazilian favela, Sousa emphasized his dedication to achieving success in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour. His commitment to excellence stems from his mother’s teachings, instilling in him the drive to strive for victory in every competition he enters.

Having started practicing jiu jitsu at the age of 10 in Brazil, Sousa overcame financial and visa obstacles to establish himself as a formidable competitor. His journey culminated in multiple world titles and recognition as one of the premier jiu jitsu athletes of his generation. The support from sponsors like Scalo has enabled Sousa to pursue his dream of participating in prestigious events like the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour.


Jackson Sousa is a Brazilian jiu jitsu champion known for his exceptional skills and achievements in the sport. He began his jiu jitsu journey at the age of 10 in Brazil, where he quickly rose through the ranks to win numerous tournaments. Despite facing challenges such as financial constraints and visa issues, Sousa persevered and eventually earned the opportunity to compete at the highest levels.

His breakthrough came at the 2012 European Championship in Portugal, where he secured a gold medal in his division. Subsequently, Sousa went on to claim three world titles in the US in 2013, solidifying his reputation as a top jiu jitsu athlete. With the support of sponsors like Scalo Technologies, Sousa continues to make waves in the jiu jitsu community, showcasing his talent and determination on the global stage.