Because her luggage didn’t arrive, a vacationer took the initiative herself. She tracked her stolen suitcase and drove to the house of an airport employee, where she found stolen suitcases.

A passenger from Florida personally tracked her missing luggage back to the home of an airport employee, reports WLPG. The man who is now being charged is also said to have committed the grand theft, according to CNN.

The incident occurred when the affected people’s flight with Spirit Airlines from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was cancelled. The passengers were then asked by the airline to collect their checked baggage.

As CNN reports, the passenger, who normally takes her suitcase on board, waited in vain for her luggage. The contents were said to be quite valuable, apparently including an Apple MacBook, an Apple Watch and “high-quality women’s clothing,” the woman told WLPG. After some time, she was informed that her luggage had been sent to her home.

But there was no luggage waiting for the woman there. With the help of her own electronic tracker, the passenger was able to determine the location of her belongings. This led her to an address in Fort Lauderdale.

There were a few suitcases in front of the house, but hers was not among them. Several attempts to reach someone in the house failed. No one opened the door to the woman, who took several videos of the house.

The passenger also contacted the police. According to CNN, she explained: “The first thing I remember is the police saying to me, ‘What are you doing here? It’s so dangerous for you to be here.'” After consulting with the officers, it turned out that a man who was listed as an employee of a business at the airport was supposed to live at the address provided.

Security videos are said to show the man stealing. He is said to have hidden the woman’s pink suitcase in the storage room of the store where he worked. According to CNN, other videos are said to show him opening luggage and distributing the contents into bags, which he then takes out of the airport. He has posted bail and pleaded not guilty. His court date is set for August 23.

Some time ago, another airport employee gave a tip about why you shouldn’t attach a private luggage belt to your suitcase. Among other things, the belt could cause interference when the luggage is scanned.

Serious allegations are rocking the Graz University Hospital. A neurosurgeon is said to have taken her underage daughter into the operating room and actively participated in the operation.

A young man dismantled his suitcase at Mallorca airport shortly before departure in order to avoid the additional fee for hand luggage.