The well-known YouTuber TechRax has the new iPhone, the 11, Pro – cost to least up to 999 dollars in the house. Not as a smartphone, but it is a very expensive gadget to be the “ultimate stress test” to the subject. The iPhone is the 11 Pro made for a very sharp knife, so it’s time for the larger tools: a hammer. To survive in the cut-glass and high-tech, three-fold cameras to the touch, or the iPhone, it’s removed from the game?

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for Apple to launch Netflix competitor but the critical moment is about the new iPhone is set to disappoint:

This is what happens when the iPhone 7 is the highest swing in the world will fall,

the Rich, the twins are going to be completely off the track, buy the sushi for the homeless man on an iPhone-to-win

More about that by any chance? This is something each and every day influencers to pay a woman to get birds to jump up for the perfect Instagram photo of Survivors of a shooting rampage in a school, make a shocking video, with the students: “If you survive the school year,” Remarkable: a man has been supporting his pregnant wife in the hospital, with a wonderful love story a Surprise from the size at a fashion show in Versace: Jennifer Lopez is showing off yet another of her iconic dress from 2000.