Bottle of wine: how to open it without a corkscrew?


The situation is surely familiar to you: on vacation, with friends, or outdoors, you are about to taste a good bottle of wine when you suddenly realize that you are missing an essential accessory for the good tasting of the beverage: the corkscrew. There is indeed no more practical way to dislodge a cork.

Fortunately, all is not lost, even if you do not have this precious sesame on hand. There are indeed a few tips for uncorking a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

It’s very simple: just use the utensil like a corkscrew, in short. “We stick the knife in the cork and we pull by turning the bottle slightly on itself!”, explains the site

This technique also works with a key that can be planted in the cork diagonally.

This is perhaps the simplest technique, but be careful, pushing the cork into the bottle can alter the quality of your wine…

Take out your toolbox! “You just have to screw the screw in the cork, then pull it with pliers to uncork the bottle.”, further notes the site

The shoe technique also works to open a bottle without a corkscrew, provided you are patient and delicate. “The principle consists of putting the bottle in a shoe (to protect it) and tapping it horizontally against a wall, a low wall, a rock, depending on where you are, so as to bring out the cork.”, specifies Current Woman.

You are now ready to open your bottles in all circumstances!