The executive would be like “on break” lately. Since the fiasco of the legislative elections, there are no more councils of ministers, the reforms have been put on hold, and some are already making their mark.

This week, the priorities, established by President Macron, were clear for Elisabeth Borne: a new government of action must be formed, “from LR to the Communists”, to try to govern a divided France and to patch up a much reduced majority in the Assembly.

As such, Emmanuel Macron had announced it: the ministers appointed last May had to leave their post if they failed in the legislative elections. Three did not pass the test:

The three women are currently living a “Chinese torture”, comments the Parisian, forced to keep their jobs while waiting to be replaced, but without any legitimacy. For how much longer ?

Another minister had to leave office this week, for other reasons; This is Yaël Braun-Pivet, Minister of Overseas. The MP was elected on Monday to the perch of the National Assembly, where she succeeds Richard Ferrand, beaten in the legislative elections by the candidate Nupes in her constituency of Finistère.

For his part, the President of the Republic announced last weekend that a new government could see the light of day “from the first days of July”.