The British prime minister, Boris Johnson, the British house of Commons, spoke after the Supreme court ruled that the suspension of the parliament was illegal. That was a decision he called “wrong”. Johnson asked the opposition for a vote of no confidence in the minister. “He [the Labour leader Corbyn, ed. ) will do the job, and the rest of the opposition, he does not have to.” Also made a sign that he is challenging in the direction of Corbyn: “ Come on, then. ”.

parliament speaker Bercow turned up this morning at the start of the session, immediately set the tone. “Welcome back to the workplace”, she said. The crowd responded with a loud ready to go. is An all-day, appeared in the business as usual shortly before 18 hours (local time), Johnson came to the houses of parliament. He said he wanted to first have some sleep to catch up after he made them leave from the top of the UN’s climate change summit in New York city.

He took a side entrance to the protesters at the entrance to the parliament, to stay away from. That is, it is not a great speech, it would have been, was written in the stars. As Johnson was, the word took on at 18: 30 (local time), he was of chaos and the booing over him. Several times was chairman of the Bercrow it’s a bit basic, parliament, the order of recall. Johnson wasn’t very impressed, and a few times not to be the case. “Three years ago, the British people have to leave the european union. Even though it had a lot of parties, then promised to honor, many of them have been tried out, the Brexit is to be rejected. I can’t do that, I want to Brexit will still do it.”

the decision of the Supreme court, he was brief: “The Court was wrong.” The parliament was called he was “stunned” to loud in the high heels to the opposition. He tells them that the Brexit to be rejected, a second plebiscite, to want to attend.

As for the opposition, the government will vote against it (and they will, given Johnson his majority, would, have, according to Johnson, is indeed an option. “The elections, but that they dare not meet.” Finally, he challenged Corbyn and the rest of the opposition parties to explain: “You have until tomorrow to vote on a motion of no confidence in the minister.” This was going to be a challenging beckoning hand: “ Come on, then.”

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While Johnson speechte, smoking a brilglas by Corbyn, it was as if he was literally boiling with rage. In his reply of a few months, he, Johnson re, to resign. Also, accusing him of being a “constitutional coup d’etat”. The Labour members of parliament joelden, and chanted: “Please resign!”

A vote of no confidence or a re-election, are currently much less likely. The opposition, after all, it’s about the only two things thing in common: they want to be a ‘ no deal-Brexit, I avoid want to get rid of Johnson. Corbyn gave earlier, to which he was not even a vote of no confidence, it will submit it as soon as he was sure of was that, “it’s a no-dealbrexit be completely avoided”. Tonight, he would repeat that. “If you have elections, will ask the first delay, and you will have elections!”

back doors

As fears of the opposition that Johnson’s plan was to get to the Good law (that is, the prime minister is obliged to give in the event of no deal) to get around. So, in the case of a no deal to the EU for an extension, but he would also argue that the EU is unable to accept the offer. In this way, he wants to be the Brexit will still take place on the 31st of October, the deal or no deal.

now, the question is whether Johnson is on the search for it will go to the back doors, in the Good law as a result of a certain condition, it was Brexit-the minister, and Martin Callanan, me with a reply. “The government will respect the law”, she said. “Is he going to delay asking for a second letter, to write ” accepted my request for an extension not to be’?”, early Labour member of parliament, The Harris. “We will respect the law.”

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