According to figures from the Regulated Savings Observatory, more than four out of five French people held a livret A in 2021. This is equivalent to 55 million people. This is the preferred investment of savers. Capped at 22,950 euros, the latter is well ahead of other investment solutions.

On February 21, 2023, the Caisse des dépôts noted the outstandings made by the French after the end of year celebrations. As of January 31, this amount reached 520.9 billion euros. The average outstanding amount of a livret A is 5,800 euros in 2021. This increase in investments is explained in particular by the increase in its rate to 3% since last February.

On February 1, 2023, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, increased the rate of the Livret A. The latter therefore rose from 2 to 3%. In addition, this product sees its rate being reassessed four times a year: on February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1. According to the Ministry of the Economy, the rate increase cannot exceed 1.5%. To be calculated, several data are taken into account such as inflation over the last twelve months.

So, if the Livret A rate is currently at 3%, would it be possible for it to increase and reach the 4% mark next August? Questioned by C News, Philippe Crevel, director of the Circle of savings, thinks possible an increase of 4% of the booklet A. With inflation close to 6% in France, he even envisages an increase of 4.3%. Nevertheless, the Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC) wishes to keep this rate at 3%.

While waiting to know the verdict for August 2023, you can already optimize your booklet A by filling it in before the end of each month. Why is this detail important?

In April 2023, the net collection of the Livret A account reached 2.33 billion euros, according to the Caisse des dépôts. In March, this amount was 4.17 billion euros. In February 2023, there were nearly 6.27 billion euros collected. Despite a drop since the January record, it remains interesting to put money on this product. Thus, if you have kept a certain sum in your current account, it is preferable to transfer it to an investment.

In addition, several passbooks saw their rate increase on February 1st.

Among them, we find the sustainable development and solidarity booklet, as well as the popular savings booklet. At the end of the month, it is therefore better to place the money from the current account in one of these books. The end-of-month deadline is all the more important for the Livret A account. Why?

Like every savings account, the Livret A is framed by specific rules, as specified by C News. Indeed, the latter is a savings account regulated by the rule of fortnights with interest rates calculated twice a month. This means that the interest rates are evaluated twice a month from the amount available in the account at the time of calculation. The two dates correspond to the 1st day and the 16th day of each month.

Thus, it is necessary to transfer the money from your current account to this booklet before the 1st day of the month to be able to benefit from the best rate.