Every month, it’s the same refrain: new laws, decrees and upgrades come into force on the 1st.

The month of August, like probably that of September, will be placed under the sign of purchasing power, after a first half marked by inflation and (again) the pandemic as indicated by the government website.

On the program this August 1: increases for certain incomes and social benefits, boost measures and a new health law.

Discover in detail in our slideshow all that changes for this eighth month of the year.

In August, summer is in full swing. But while many French people are preparing to go on vacation, the institutions do not take (or little) leave.

As such, the government is working on several bills during the summer season, and Parliament has been shaken for several weeks by lively debates.

The deputies thus voted, recently, two new “purchasing power” bills, assumed as “the priority” of the Borne government. The texts must now be discussed in the Senate.

Another law was adopted more discreetly: it concerns the authorities’ new strategy in the face of Covid-19, while the seventh wave is still raging.

In August, however, the deputies will not sit, in accordance with the parliamentary calendar.

For their part, some members of the government are working on new files: a prison code with Eric Dupont-Moretti, Minister of Justice, or even a text relating to the fight against terrorism for the Interior.