Booking sites for Hotels: it is Not always in the interest of the users


    The methods used by the larger hotel-booking portals provide displeasure with consumers and Hoteliers. According to a study by the centre for European economic research (ZEW) Hotels in lower positions in the search results when you specify, for example, on the own website for more favorable prices. “Not every positioning and recommendation in the case of large booking portals like and Expedia is therefore in the interest of the users”, – stated in the study.

    Similarly, the consumer protectors: “in the end, Hoteliers are forced to make the best offer on the pages of the booking portals,” explained Felix Methmann, tourism expert at the verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband. “As a result, there is no fair competition, and that is not good for consumers. Only at the appropriate competitive prices come about for the customer.“

    The hotel industry and the study in their critique confirmed. The chief Executive of the industry Association, IHA, Markus Luthe, complained that the rankings of the booking portals to be “non-transparent and legally questionable to say the least. In the common interest of the Hoteliers and the user we need here is urgent need for more clarity, transparency and reliability.“

    Significant influence

    the results of The ZEW study suggest that after Luthes assessment that the portals, the Ranking is so optimized, that they achieved a maximum profit, but not to the consumer that for him actually, the best search result is displayed. “The guest should be clearly pointed out, if the Hotel placement other criteria as the Star rating, the guest rating, the room price or the distance is subjected to a desired destination,” called Luthe.