In the episode of ” Girl from the late night’ on Wednesday night to have Marijn Devalck, An Swartenbroekx as a part of the surface of the first film, F. C., The Champions are revealed. The co-actors said that Balthasar Boma and will die in, ‘Viva Boma’. It came as a shock to the presenter, Gert Verhulst.

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to Cast the FC, The Champions are getting ready for the recording film during a carnival parade in belgium, in Brussels: “Hope it’s not raining” – Video: Carlo Coppejans

the Player Destadsbader have to get up early for pictures of FC’s Champions:

find out More about FC De Kampioenen, An Swartenbroekx talk to you about the illness of her mother, and her husband, and it will be a tender letter to her father, the Second edition of ‘FC De Kampioenen’and win some amazing prizes Marcske F. C. The Champions) by dipping the school, Arrives with a Cécémel These are the first pictures of the ” F. C. The Champions 4: Viva Boma!’