Brazil’s new government under right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro is Serious with the announcement of the “cleansing” of the administration: employees in the ministries, which do not lie with the government ideologically on a line, are to be dismissed as Minister of state for Onyx Lorenzoni said after the first Cabinet meeting on Thursday. The government is going to clean the “house”.

The measure is aimed at supporters of left-wing parties, particularly the opposition labour party, which introduced in 2003 to 2016 the government. The aim is “to banish the socialist and Communist ideas” from the ministries, said Lorenzoni. The Bolsonaro-Familiar for the co-ordination of the various ministries responsible. It would not make sense to employ in the ministries of people “a different way of thinking and a different political System”.

In his own Ministry Lorenzoni dismissed 300 employees. Some of them could return to their Posts, according to an investigation of their ideological orientation. In the other ministries could be similar to the method, said Lorenzoni. Ministry employees, who have completed a rigorous selection process for the civil service, are not affected by the measures.