Antwerp, and the Croky Cup, it was the past two seasons, is not a success story. Against KV Kortrijk and KV Mechelen ended in the bekeravontuur of the Great difficulty in the eighth and the sixteenth-finals. That should be this year, otherwise, starting with a match against Sporting Lokeren on Jelle Van Damme.

“I’m not going to rotate,” let Scenery and a new manager in The Book in the run-up to the bekerpartij on Thursday, is understood. Bölöni is thinking a bit differently about it. “I’m going to introduce some changes” had A Tuesday morning is meant. “Eleven bills, of course, but I can’t anyone to miss out. It was a ‘B-team’, I don’t have to talk to. That is, it would not be fair vis-à-vis that of the boys of this day have their chance to do it.” One of the players who have Bölöni may have a rest goes, it is Superior. “Three matches in one week may be too hard for him.” What about Mbokani? “For him, I don’t see any problems. The Mbo will not be such as Steven came back from an injury.”

We will need to prove themselves,

The bekerontmoeting the Waaslanders, it is a good opportunity for Benson Manual for a first selection of technologies. On Saturday against Club Brugge was the recordaankoop of 3 million euros and surprisingly enough, not in the documentation match sheet. “In principle, they will be ready for a selection, but in oefenmatch against a Team (2-2, ed.). he do not has been proven. We all know what his qualities are. That he is watching. Like many of the voyager into the sky in modern day football is that he loves by his side, but it must also be a cause. Since I have worked with him speak about it. But, do not get me wrong, We’ll come up with.”

the quality of the core must be Antwerp, be able to get a long time to be in the middle. “We must, indeed, be more ambitious, but we have yet to see it. Over the last two seasons were we in for a opponent who is more motivated than we are,” said Bölöni. “Who will surely be motivated to kick-off message, Jelle Van Damme. The former crowd pleaser, the Season will, for the first time. Then again, laughing can be? “I don’t give a lot of jokes before a match and after the match, it will be one of the two of us are disappointed. It’s once in a while in the middle. It surprises me that he is now with the society in the play. I’ve heard that he’s doing a good job at the Scenery, congratulations to him.”

Is The Beginning

In The Beginning, that is at Football then he does the bekermatch against Lokeren on Saturday? The trip to Ostend next Sunday, for him, is a question mark. The Let is also an individual. He has troubles with the heel. “A nasty injury, with a diagnosis, that every day is different. Whether it be tomorrow, or next week, is recurring, it will be hard to voorpellen”, presented Bölöni is not too bad.

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