(New York) US aircraft maker Boeing posted a second-quarter loss that was smaller than analysts’ expectations and confirmed its full-year guidance.

“We continue to make steady progress towards our turnaround,” group boss Dave Calhoun said in a message to employees on Wednesday. “You will see that we are on the right track to restore our operational and financial strength.”

The net loss was $149 million, when analysts had expected a loss of $212 million. But a year earlier, the group posted a profit of 193 million.

This is the seventh quarter in a row that Boeing has posted a loss, but it is much lower than in the first quarter (425 million).

Reported per share and excluding exceptional items – a benchmark for the markets – the loss comes to 25 cents. It is also better than expected.

In terms of turnover, the aircraft manufacturer exceeded the consensus with 19.75 billion dollars between April and June (18% over one year).

The stock rose 3.6% to $221.80 in trading before the New York Stock Exchange opened.

He still expects operating cash for the year to be between $4.5 billion and $6.5 billion and available cash between $3 billion and $5 billion.

It also confirmed its delivery targets for the year – 400 to 450 for the 737 and 70 to 80 for the 787.

Boeing received 460 net orders for its commercial aviation arm in the quarter, including 220 for Air India and 39 for Riyadh Air, and “secured” up to 300 of its 737 MAX with Ryanair. The turnover of this branch jumped by 41% over one year.

Note in the Defense, Space and Security branch, several charges that affected the result: 257 million dollars due to the delay of the first manned flight of the Starliner space capsule, 189 million for the T-7A military training aircraft Red Hawk in anticipation of potential cost overruns and $68 million under the MQ-25 tanker drone program due to delays.

Its backlog reached $440 billion at the end of June.