Us aircraft manufacturer Boeing is in a difficult position, according to a whistleblower working in the noodzuurstofsysteem of the Dreamliner 787 will not function properly and it is Boeing aware of the problem. The company denies the allegations that have been made. The company is located in a very lively way, after the two fatal accidents with the 737 Max.

the Former controller John Barnett bond and cat with the bell. According to him, the oxygen, in the event of a decompression in the aircraft cabin ( the yellow zuurstofmaskertjes ed. ) does not work properly. He claims that the Boeing product line in the U.s. state of South Carolina, knowingly or recklessly components are placed that do not conform to the quality standards and norms. This is in order to save time and money.

you can Follow, Such as the tanks, where the oxygen is in yellow, maskertjes come out of it, even in purely cosmetic damage will not be working correctly. He found the problem in 2016-and raised it to his own words, ” more than once. In a test situation with the new tanks, he noted that the system will fail in approximately 75 out of 300 tests. That’s 1 in 4, according to the man.

Boeing has denied the allegations that have been made. “In 2017, a manufacturer, some of the oxygen tanks that are not properly worked out. Those bottles have been pulled from the production line so that there are no faulty tanks could be placed in our aircraft. We have the problem that has been addressed by the service provider.” According to Boeing, all of the “oxygen systems are tested multiple times before delivery to make sure they are working properly”. Once the device is in order, it is “the systems will be tested on a regular basis”.

the Cracks in the 737 NG

as for The allegations that have been made by Such as have been yet another stain on the coat of arms of Boeing.

now, American aviation authority the FAA has ordered earlier this month for the inspection of Boeing 737 NG aircraft, which is more than than 30,000 times, did as well. That was after Boeing had reported that the so-called “pickle-fork”, that is, the wing, the fuselage, connecting the device to rupture. Qantas said on Thursday, however, that the device is less than 27,000 to flee on his counter was.

A spokesman for Boeing, told on Thursday that, at this moment, worldwide, about 1,000 of the devices have been inspected. He added that less than 5 percent of these, about 50 aircraft, observations have been made that are necessary to make the aircraft out of service to get them to repair it.

the problem with The Boeing 737 NG, in addition to that, the 737 MAX. A year ago, crashed in Indonesia, a 737 MAX aircraft, and in march of the same types of aircraft in Ethiopia. In total, taking 346 people in your life. The two aircraft accidents are most likely to be the result of a system that, with the nose pointing down continued to press, because a sensor is not working properly. Boeing would have been aware of the technical issue.