In the course of the investigation into the death of a truck driver, the police, at the request of the Liège investigating judge to find the people that sat night is over, or at the snelwegparking, on the E42 highway in Couthuin on the clock, and may not be noticed.

The police found on Wednesday in the parking lot in Couthuin, in the province of Liege, the lifeless body of a truck driver, with dual German-Turkish nationality. They are now looking for anyone who is on the 23rd of October, between 09.10 and 09.40, on the E42 motorway, past the snelwegparking driving, or to stop it has taken. May be they have something special that should be noted. Police are hoping images of drivers who have a camera on-board.

The driver of the red truck brand DAF with a trailer attached with a tank, of the company, Hoyer had all of a sudden the brakes go on as he was from the Hatch to the Names form. “Poor driving behaviour of a vehicle is supposed to be the cause of the manoeuvre”, according to the police. A few minutes later, the truck driver was found dead a few metres away from the car. The truck was partially in the traffic lane and partly in the parking lane of the parking lot come to a grinding halt. The elements of the study would lead one to suspect that the driver was hit by a car, whose driver wegvluchtte.

the People who are about for more information regarding the facts to be able to have contact with the people on the toll-free number 0800/30.300, or e-mail it to the address