Bodkin on Netflix: Ireland, between crimes and folklore

After a tragic incident, investigative journalist Dove is sent to Ireland by her editor-in-chief to assist American podcaster Gilbert in investigating the disappearance of three people during the Samhain festival twenty-five years ago. The village is shrouded in secrecy, especially with a start-up entrepreneur trying to revive the Samhain celebration with a techno rave twist.

On the surface, Bodkin follows the familiar tropes of a secluded community with hidden secrets and the unlikely pairing of two investigators with contrasting personalities. While the gullible Gilbert falls for the local folklore, Dove is determined to uncover the truth through any means necessary.

A humorous and engaging series

Innovatively, Jez Scharf adds a satirical twist to true crime stories, popularized through podcasts, books, and TV shows, by poking fun at the sensationalized nature of these narratives. Despite its many implausibilities, the show’s witty writing and strong performances make it entertaining and captivating. For instance, there is a group of nuns who have turned their monastery into a new age wellness center, offering organic vegetable tastings and yoga classes.

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