With 268 kilograms of curb weight, the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure is a heavyweight. This is also the number of pieces, because their share of the sales of the GS class has been reached with the boxer engine is of 40 percent and rising. Like all other boxer models, the thickness”, the BMW Jargon valves”, from now on, the new, 1254 cubic inches of increased boxer engine with variable control of intake. The power rises to 136 HP (100 kW), in addition, threading and running increase, while consumption decreases. To win on a two – day tour on-and off-road inventory opportunity, first driving impressions, and a comparison 850 GS Adventure, a number start with a possible competitor, namely, the all-new BMW F small. David against Goliath?

The Start is on the F 850 GS Adventure. A couple of kilometres of motorway show that the in the sports rally Version trimmed wind shield thanks to one-hand lever adjustment provides good protection. With plenty of special equipment blessed, offers the with the new 853-cubic-range twin (95 HP/70 kW) – motorized middle-class machine everything that makes Driving comfortable: cruise control, five customizable driving modes (important for later off-road driving), cornering ABS, and much more, including a superbly readable TFT Display with all the connectivity bells and whistles. Almost vibration-free, the F slides 850 GSA with a Tempo of 120 to 140, then, a pleasant journey a motorbike, nearly a armchair to studs wheels, acoustically okay. The “price” is 12.950 Euro, the opulently equipped test machines cost far more than 16,000 euros.

But 244 kg empty weight with a full 23-gallon Tank can skepticism: How proven the weight 850er in the area? The concerns appear already after a few minutes to steep, sometimes rough gravel roads as unfounded: The F 850 GSA is fine and balanced, the engine responds at low speeds sensitively on the Gas, the large 21-inch front wheel keeps the track. The adaptation phase is also thanks to the medium-coarse tires “Metzeler Karoo 3” only briefly, soon, joy comes in the terrain driving, where the 890 mm seat height of the rally Version never become a Problem, although the driver measures just 1.76 meters. The long suspension travel of more than 20 centimeters, the wide range of 500 kilometers, a maximum speed of 197 km/h – the Distance will be conquered with this bike. The comparatively stuffy-looking predecessor, the F 800 GS Adventure, 2013 published and 15 pounds lighter, has found a more than worthy successor, extra pounds or not.

Barren six degrees indicates the TFT Display of the “Thick” the next Morning. Sonorous buzzing of the large-volume boxer engine on the motorway and the country road, the new exhaust system cut effectively the annoying noise peaks of the previous model. Compared to this, the More power in the lower speed regions, as well as the smoother throttle response, but also the increased torque noticeable. Also on the second day, we sit on the most sporty of the three variants, HP. Also, as the rally Version of the F 850, GSA, blue, white and red lacquered, also gold-colored, anodized cross spokes wheels contrast alike pretty, the seat height is also airy 89 centimeters. Also in the case of the HP-supported, infinitely adjustable wind shield, in the top Position, in conjunction with the two-stage heated grips, despite the morning cold to well-being.

the Sovereign is plowing with your 30-gallon Tank to the right “thickness” referred to BMW and their driver about bullying: Narrow, bumpy cart paths with a half-meter-deep washouts, loose scree fields, gravelly-sandy nature of the roads – all these Factors and also a several kilometers-long detour in a water-carrying river bed, R is 1250 GSA enjoyable appear. A tänzelnder elephant of 268 pounds. For “ex-17.700 Euro”, completely equipped, however, beyond the 22,000 euros, the buyer receives an object of Fascination, namely, one to agility, shaped, giant motorcycle that is maneuvering a real task, in particular in the terrain. The “thickness” is highly functional – angle valves on the rims, folding foot brake lever, several benches to choose from, easily adjustable aluminium handlebar and at the same time emotional: Where, please, is it the end of the world?

The comparison between “Thick” and the “Small” ends in a draw, with advantages for the Boxer GSA. The Volvo 850 can, what should a travel Enduro. She drives smooth, brakes well, has steam offers, if the account of the buyer permits, and all possible technical finesse. It had four wheels, it is called the BMW X3. That it is “only” the middle class, belonging to, located on the 1250er. The is a two-wheeled X5, at least. In spite of their, compared to the 850 GSA 24 kg higher weight, you may be worse off-road nothing, rather everything is still a bit better. Not even the only 19-inch measuring wheel interferes with the driver’s well-being. The Large tears if necessary, wolf-like, on the other hand, as gentle as a lamb, brakes in addition, thanks to the telelever and Radial four-piston calipers phenomenal.