The stars Helene Fischer (34) and Florian silver iron (37). The fisherman spokesman for the German press Agency confirmed on Wednesday evening. Earlier, several media, such as “image” and “Bunte had reported” on the separation of the two show stars. Fischer wrote at Facebook in the evening: “So sad we are that we would not be able to realize our lifelong dream together, and Florian and I go our separate ways as a Couple, the more beautiful and powerful we go from this bitter experience, now as friends in new ways!”

in Addition, Fischer confirmed in your post also reports that there is already a new man at the side of the singer. “But Yes, there’s a new man in my life and I intend to make no secret. All the more significant and touching is for me to see the size of Florian handles!“, Fischer wrote on Facebook. To whom it is not revealed to fishermen, however. A report of the “Colorful“, it’s supposed to be, however, an artists from your Team.

in addition, the singer, silver iron wrote, and they were separated “for a while, we have to sort out for us, but also the location and the needs of the time, because even when love goes slowly, throws down a relationship is not easy after 10 years of meaningless”.

silver iron wrote at Facebook: “While in recent weeks about an upcoming wedding, it was speculated, we were separated for a long time.” In addition, “Helene and I are not a couple anymore, but we still have joint plans: We would like to present, for example, at some point in the next few years, our first TV Show.”

First “” citing Fischer’s environment, the separation reported. Fischer silver and iron were considered the dream couple of the German show business. Since 2008, the two were officially a Couple.

In the network, the message provided on Wednesday evening for excitement: While the a asked, how to now still remember the great love of faith, have brought a message of love to the other humoristic comments: If it were a fictional story of a “level”editor, asked for example, some User with a view on the affair to the fake article by Claas Relotius. Also, for Satire sides of the separation news was a godsend.

the reason for the debates also provides a Tattoo adorns the Arm of Florian silver iron.

the fisherman and silver iron were in a relationship since 2008. He is regarded as as a multi-talent. Him, Fischer was dedicated to his own statement in the year of 2011, the song “About today’ my last day”. In 2012, she said the “image”: “each time Before going to bed we talk on the phone”. Silver iron said at the time: “It hit us like a bolt of lightning. We didn’t believe it first of all, both. Since the end of may, we are now a Couple and have very quickly found that we want to stay together.“