Bloctel is the French government’s telephone opposition list service. This service replaces the Pacitel list. It entered into force in June 2016 after the Hamon law was passed two years earlier. This service allows you to block all unwanted calls. To do this, simply register on the government website. The Bloctel service provides registration on the canvassing opposition list for businesses and individuals.

Once registered on the Bloctel site, the registered entity no longer receives any solicitation or fraud calls. However, it should be noted that some subscribers are not affected by the blocking of Bloctel, these cases are provided for by law. Non-profit associations, political parties, polling institutes as well as commercial relations already established are therefore not affected by the restrictions offered by Bloctel.

Telemarketing companies now have to make sure every number they want to call is not on the list. To have access to this list, they must subscribe to a subscription according to the number of consultations desired. In addition to this subscription, there is an annual user fee and registration fees. In the event that they call a number on the list, the canvassing company incurs a fine of up to 75,000 euros for a natural person and 375,000 euros for a legal person.

In summary, Bloctel is a government-implemented opt-out blocking service that prevents cold calling. Do I have to pay to register with Bloctel? No, registration for the service is free for individuals and businesses. By registering you will be able to indicate up to 10 numbers, fixed or mobile, on which you no longer wish to be contacted.