OCS Max, Wednesday, 17 October at 20: 40, film We are today, on the eve of the time advertised by the Blade Runner from Ridley Scott. Made in 1981, located in 2019, Blade Runner, saw far, but not always fair, as all great works of anticipation. Rather than risking to make the point about the blurred areas of the film to Scott, the script for Blade Runner 2049 made a jump forward thirty years.

Denis Villeneuve has taken over and has produced a film nightmarish and beautiful, dumping toxic and exquisite in a universe that distills the results cataclysmic choices unhappy of mankind. The quebec filmmaker has wrapped the landscape of apocalypse, a haze of radioactive in which move the characters to the identity fluctuating – humans, machines, live, dead…

Read the interview with Denis Villeneuve :   ” Make a sequel to “Blade Runner”, I would never have dared to have this idea ”

Blade Runner 2049 is imbued with a sad fatalism that is Ryan Gosling, his incarnation, perfect. His character has been named K. His status as a replicant is never in doubt. It is because he is himself an android with a human appearance that he is the best qualified for the position of ” blade runner “, chasing the last survivors of the generation of machines that stalked already Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford).

Desert strewn with ruins

K. performs his sad profession in the metropolitan areas of Los Angeles. The first extrajudicial execution committed by K. sets in motion a very heavy and very slow mechanism that redefines gradually the question posed by Philip K. Dick in the novel which served as the inspiration for Ridley Scott : is that the androids dream of electric sheep ?

as the course of Deckard in “Blade Runner” brought him to awareness of his true nature, that of K. is more of the political awakening

killing a replicant, K., himself quite aware of his condition machine, has opened a breach in the wall without flaw, that humans have erected to keep their creatures the robotic to the difference of the species that designed them. While the journey of Deckard in Blade Runner had brought him to awareness of his true nature, that of K. is more of the political awakening.

The islets of the population, usually poor, are surrounded by deserts, strewn with ruins, which extend eastward to Las Vegas, figuration of hell on Earth. It is here that K. will meet with Deckard. What’s happening between them will leave the same disappointment, the same regrets as the rest of this film is like a requiem (little premature) to a humanity blinded by his pride. From the depths of the film without end, mesmerized, deluded, you have lost the urge to get out.

Blade Runner 2049, Denis Villeneuve starring Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas (EU, 2017, 163 min).