Blackout Tuesday – “Our pandemic” – Hollywood stars in the fight against RassismusDer shocking death of George Floyd has shaken Hollywood up. Rarely have closed so many celebrities and clamoring behind a deal.0 comments

Superstars going to the street, chanting with the protesters, as they take in the case of rallies, the word. The Corona-crisis caused rigid in Hollywood for a week for a shock, now they fight back against what George Clooney described as “our pandemic”: “We are all infected and in 400 years, we have not yet found a vaccine.”

In a haunting Essay, the 59-year-old Oscar winner in the news-platform “The Daily Beast writes” on Monday about systemic racism, inequality and police brutality against Black people in the United States.

“There is little doubt that George Floyd was murdered, there is little,” says the Star about the death of the 46-year-old African-American, according to a police operation in Minneapolis is in the state of Minnesota a week ago. One of the four officials involved pushed him to be a knee in the back of the neck (to the report). Floyd’s I can probably the last words “don’t breathe” have become worldwide protests, the rallying cry of the protesters. Clooney tells of other cases of police violence against Black people, like Rodney King and Eric Garner.

With a knee against police violence

Floyd’s death shocking has shaken Hollywood to call only the insistent appeals, Tweets, and donations for the victims of racial violence. Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx (“Ray”) was on Monday in San Francisco at the side of the black mayor, London Breed with a symbolic genuflection in the case of a “Kneel-in”. In American Football a professional football player Colin Kaepernick in 2016, had started with a similar gesture, a wave of protest against the oppression of Blacks and against police violence in the United States.

Foxx, who had demonstrated last week in Minneapolis, called on his “Hollywood friends” to more action. You would have to go on the road to understand the pain of the people, to tweet instead of at home or to send SMS-messages.

Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx kneels down in San Francisco next to the lectern by the mayor.Photo: Stephen Lam/Reuters

The call of Foxx, many celebrities have come before. Actress Ellen Page announced on Monday a Video of a peaceful Protest at New York’s Time Square, Paris Jackson wore at the weekend, a sign with the inscription “peace, love, justice” through the streets of Los Angeles. “We have in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood sung,” wrote singer Ariana Grande about their Protest experiences.

Other Stars have reported abuse by the police, you would have experienced on the edge of peaceful Demos. She had been taken during protests in Los Angeles by rubber bullets and tear gas, wrote singer Halsey on Twitter. The 25-Year-old Videos and photos linked to the “Horror” on the streets, which would have seen the protesters there. You’ve seen a lot of blood and Hurt helped.

Hollywood is shocked

actor John Cusack (53) posted on Twitter a blurred images of a demonstration in Chicago, to listen to the threatening Brüllerei is. “The Cops didn’t like it that I have a burning car movies, so they came with batons on me,” wrote Cusack on Twitter. They had gone off on his bike.

Rarely so many celebrities have different ages, skin color and country of origin and loudly behind a thing made of Justin Bieber, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend to Beyoncé. The common theme is outrage over police brutality, disregard of citizens ‘ rights and the discrimination of minorities. However, the reactions of anger, fear, and appeals are many and varied.

“This is so sad and disturbing,” wrote the Reality Star Kim Kardashian on Monday on Twitter to the photo of a girl with serious facial injuries. This student from Minneapolis was a rubber police bullet hit directly. Can get someone to your contact asks Kardashian. She wanted to pay for the medical treatment.

We can not ignore the problems of inequality in this country.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor

actress Katherine Heigl (41, “Grey’s Anatomy”) shared on Instagram of her personal troubles, how you can protect your seven-year-old African American adoptive daughter from the “evil vile truth of racism” could be. You hope that the police officers who have killed Floyd, will be severely punished so that other racists are “scared to death”, writes the mother of three children.

The police brutality must be stopped, calls for Action Star Arnold Schwarzenegger in a guest article in the magazine “The Atlantic”. As he was wandering the United States in 1968, and had demonstrated many of the people against racism, writes of the native Austrians. “We can’t ignore the problems of inequality in this country.”

Also reacted to the US music industry, and a call called Tuesday a “Blackout Tuesday” out. As a reaction to the long-standing racism and injustice towards people with black skin color, the music industry should pause on Tuesday, wrote Jamila Thomas and Brianna Agyemang, who both work in the US music industry, on a for the action established website. “We will not make our normal work without any respect for the lives of Black people.” Many Stars reacted and published completely black images including Instagram.

We get to choose in November from the office.

Taylor Swift, singer,

Other Stars, including singer Taylor Swift, turned directly to the U.S. President Donald Trump, the protesters with a violent military action threatened. “After you fueled during your entire presidency, the fire of white supremacy and racism, you now have the nerve to moral Superiority, to pretend and then to threaten with violence?”, Swift was in an uproar last week on Twitter. “We get to choose in November out of office.”

Clooney attacks Trump also blatantly, without mentioning him by name. We need politicians that will treat your citizens equally, “not leaders who incite hatred and violence,” writes the Hollywood Star in his guest post. “And there is only one way in this country a permanent change, Go vote.”

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