Black Lives Matter – He was already politically, as it was not yet cool warMuhammad Ali like no other: funny, fight funny and quick-witted – in the Ring, and next to it. The BBC has dug up an Interview that shows the century boxer at its best.David Wiederkehr0 comment four times, Muhammad Ali was at the English talk-show host Michael Parkinson as a guest. This performance is dated from the year 1971.Video: BBC

It was: big mouth. Rebel. Freedom fighters. A peace activist. And constantly met with hostility. As a conscientious objector of military service and deployment in the Vietnam war. As a convert to Islam. But above all, simply because of his skin color. Just in his home town of Louisville, in the state of Kentucky. The area is rural and white, very white, much more conservative than in this part of the Bible belt it is hard to imagine.

As a young man by the name of Cassius Clay, a few days after his Olympic victory at the summer games in 1960, wanted to eat in Rome in the center of Louisville, a hot Dog, showed him the operation of the Restaurant: “We don’t serve Black.”

a Lot of charm, great wit and a lot of desire to fight: So Cassius Clay (as he was called in this picture) was not different Muhammad Ali was later.Photo: Kent Gavin ()

the greatest Boxer in the history and one of the most outstanding athletes ever before, almost exactly four years ago, has Died, however, Muhammad Ali had a lot to say had about the events in the USA in the last few days. Would have been able to contribute much to the debate since the violent death of the African-American George Floyd by the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis. And he would have had his pleasure in mind, how just many sportsmen and women now Express. Black or white, woman or man, a Superstar or a follower: “Black Lives Matter” has not arrived, thanks in part to the sport, finally, in the middle of American society.

Muhammad Ali, however, was politically, as it was not yet opportune for an athlete, or even hip and cool. As he was still called Cassius Clay. I was ejected from the Restaurant in Louisville caught up with him and coined him for life. He once said: “I had fought for my country, but I was able to go in my home town with nothing to eat? It was clear to me: Something’s gone terribly wrong. So I went over to Islam.” When Muhammad Ali finally he celebrated even larger wins as, at the time, as a tiny heavyweight. As Muhammad Ali he gained world fame.

A Museum reminiscent of the Champ

His story is impressive counts in the stunning Muhammad Ali Center, remedy, which was opened in 2005 in Louisville in honor of the most famous son of the city on the Ohio River. And that to him here and now, this article is dedicated to – the BBC is to blame. The English TV station has dug up a few days ago an Interview and since then, the social media spread, the Ali has given the talk-show host Michael Parkinson. Four times he was in the popular Show’s guest, this performance is dated from the year 1971:

It was, as most of the time, the race question, and the unequal treatment of Black and White in the America of those days. “I asked my mom: “mother, why everything is white? Why Jesus is white, has blonde hair and blue eyes? Why at the Last supper, only white men? The angels are white, the Pope and Mary, and even the angels.” I asked: “mother, when we die, are we then also in the sky?” She said: “of Course.” And I asked: “But what was with all the black angels, as you have made the photos?””

Or then the thing with Tarzan. “I’ve always wondered: Tarzan is the king of the African jungle, but he is white. And this white man swinging around with a diaper in the area. And then Tarzan speaks with the animals, however, all of the Africans, who for centuries have lived there, can not speak with the animals.” Or: “There are Snow-white and the white Santa Claus. And the President lives in the White house. But the ugly duckling is black, and the black cat brings bad luck.”

The Clip, only a few minutes long (or rather short), it shows everything that Ali made it so unique and so fascinating, all of his charm and wit and acumen, his Aura and presence and the ability to message razor sharp in the audience to install. But, told Michael Parkinson years later, could be nasty and recalcitrant and unyielding. “Don’t you have challenged him. Then the Wind turned around quickly.”

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