“behavior Is achieved in the Cabinet between the coalition partners, no Agreement on the vote, so the country in the Federal Council.” Actually, this is from the CDU and the Greens definition will enter into force only if the two parties can continue after the Constitution of the country day on the Friday of the next week, in fact, your government.

Ewald Hetrodt

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Wiesbaden.

F. A. Z.

But in the asylum law of the Confederation, the clause of the before Christmas, signed the coalition agreement unfolds its effect. In Berlin have not adjusted all the major players to the fact that Hesse Minister of the Grand coalition, targeted the classification of the countries of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Georgia as safe countries of origin.


to demonstrate, The draft law will be decided in the next week in the Bundestag is expected to develop in the second and third reading by a majority. Thereafter, asylum seekers from the Maghreb and Georgia must provide evidence of concrete threats to life and limb in the future, individually. Your application is rejected, you can drag in front of the administrative court, according to the documents quickly decides.

If the claim is rejected, the asylum-seeker only from your country of origin approach. In this way, the processing of asylum leave applications to accelerate, argue the proponents. Because the four States apply to the German authorities as safe, is the recognition rate coming from asylum seekers to a minimum.

To vote

stand at the beginning of the year 2017, subject, in the Federal Council for a vote. At the time, the smaller Hessian government partner opposed and prevented the Union’s objectives of the consent of the state of Hesse in the Federal Council. Also in the before Christmas, concluded the coalition negotiations, the Greens remained hard. The Problem to be not long procedure, but the fact that rejected asylum seekers could not be deported, is your Argument. Important return be adopted agreements with the countries of Origin.

It’s not just about the refugees that are already there, in other words, the proponents of the draft law. Who knew that he had little Chance to stay in Germany, not make in the first place. But the Green can not change her mind. “On the question of the classification of countries as safe countries of origin within the meaning of article 16a of the basic law, the coalition partners have different views,” reads the black-green coalition agreement.