Are you going to take advantage of Black Friday to make your Christmas gifts? According to a recent study entitled “The French and purchases during Black Friday” carried out by Opinionway for Bonial in November 2022, 28% of French people intend to make purchases during Black Friday. As a reminder, the official date of Black Friday 2022 is set for Friday, November 25 this year. And like every year, the official Black Friday will not last one day, but three. You will therefore have from Friday, November 25 to Sunday, November 27 to make good deals. Discounts of -30% to -70% are generally displayed on many merchant sites, starting with Amazon, a pioneer in this field.

In the midst of inflation, this year, 44% do not want to take advantage of promotions and 28% do not yet know if they are going to buy for Black Friday according to the study carried out for Bonial. As for those who intend to make purchases for this promotional operation, we also learn that they intend to devote an average budget of 398 euros to it, an increase of 100 euros compared to the previous study carried out in November 2021.

However, this year buyers will only take out their wallets in the event of very good deals. Indeed, it is only from a 44% discount on the initial purchase price that they consider the offer to be attractive. If the countdown to Black Friday has already started to save money on all types of products (household appliances, textiles, electronics, etc.), be careful, however. Planet reveals the 5 things to do before validating your basket to avoid false promotions.

As Black Friday approaches, OpinionWay has also carried out another study for Clearpay, one of the world leaders in online split payment, with the aim of deciphering the purchasing and consumption habits of Generation Z (15- 25 years) for this highlight. We thus learn that 9 out of 10 young people say they make purchases on Black Friday and that the average basket for “Gen Z” on Black Friday is 192 euros. In fact, nearly three out of four young people (71%) take advantage of Black Friday to buy discounted Christmas gifts. 76% of them say that they make their Black Friday purchases only on the internet. 62% of young people surveyed could even increase their budget for Black Friday if split payment and free of charge were offered to them. Indeed, a third of young people who do not participate in Black Friday (34%) say they are ready to make purchases on this occasion if they could pay in several instalments free of charge. Some even make all their purchases on Black Friday.

Every year, Lucie, a 23-year-old psychology student, prepares for Black Friday months in advance to redo her winter wardrobe. “It’s really an important event for me because it always coincides with the week of my birthday so it’s an opportunity to give myself a nice gift,” she confides to In order to help you take advantage of the promotions to make your Black Friday a success, Lucie gives you her 5 tips in the slideshow below.