Black book stock: Not black


    Like every year, the protection of capital investors (SdK) in your “black book market” the company in the pillory, with the investor a lot of money lost. It shows that the stock market can be brutal and it is just in the saving book Germany fell in love with the private investors, the most vulnerable participants in the market hits that black sheep of their money.

    With the bankruptcy of the P&R group is not a slip of the 2018 one of the largest providers on the unregulated capital market in the insolvency. Also, a number of joint-stock companies has shown that earn you no money. The black book may come in the recent debate around the pensions with stock exchanges-skeptics at the right time, and then confirm it:

    The stock exchange is risky, and often with huge losses. But in spite of all the negative examples, the teaching of the new black book should be to spread the investment risk. Investing In shares is right for retirement, but it should not be all placed on a map. Who sets up his plants wide, copes better with the black sheep.