Once a year, the protection of capital investors (SdK) gives her “black book market”. It is a bit like the Federal taxpayers – in the book, the SdK reports on scandals from the past year, scams and Rip-offs on the capital market. The names of the companies change, but the actions of the black sheep is often the same.

The biggest money killer in the stock market, you can quickly find, because the history of stock prices shows is usually very clear at what point something goes wrong. Here is the list of the greatest negative examples of the money system is mixed, colorful. It ranges from the Container-the scandal of the P&R group, which is an Online Portal for baby products to a sector that has for years been targeted by the shareholder, pads, banks.

The biggest scandal, the Munich-based investment company P&R on the problematic supplied the “Grey capital market”. In the spring the company had to file for bankruptcy. The sale of almost one Million shipping containers that it was not, at a cost of approximately 54,000 investors 3.5 billion euros.

it is Sad that more than half of many investors is now in pension and the senior citizens with their P&R system have lost much of their retirement savings. The prospects for them in the insolvency proceedings are grim. “Anyone who has followed the P&R business model over the years, could not have imagined that the black box P&R works clean,” sums up the SdK-Board of management Daniel Bauer, the lesson from one of the biggest investor scandals in Germany.

But also in the stock market, investors have found in the stock exchange year 2018, in part, a large pile of broken glass. The list of negative examples ranging from the Rich-Facebook ASmallWorld about tyre retailer Delticom and Royal beach and to the waste incineration company ZhongDe Waste technology.

investor confidence in Bank shares

shrinks Who said that the local banks can be a shareholder trust, with massive losses considered. Example Deutsche Bank. Germany’s largest credit institution does not come out from the swamp of bad news. The stock is currently trading at all-time low, formerly of 102 Euro-share value of something is with a today’s rate of 7.50 euros is hardly left. Alone, year-on-year, the price adds up minus to about 56 percent. Investor confidence in the Bank is diminishing by the day, for legal risks, Deutsche Bank has set up high provisions.

COMMERZBANK — — (–) Xetra London tradegate exchange lang & Schwarz Switzerland OTCStuttgartFrankfurtSchweizWien 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view

Just due to the better fared to Commerzbank shareholders. The decline in the share Price here: about 53 percent. A major reason why the Dax should have been thrown out at the beginning of September. Since it seems almost a little weird that investors are with the Danske Bank 2018 better. In a money-laundering scandal involved the Danish Institute has introduced investors, only a Price decline of 45 percent in the Depot.