The nature creates in her womb an inexhaustible Abundance of wonderful Design, the beauty and diversity of all man-made forms of art are far surpassed.“ With these bold words, the zoologist, physician and artist Ernst Haeckel initiated its between 1899 and 1904, published in the series “art forms of nature”, a comprehensive panel factory, which was the prompt for many art Nouveau artists to a stimulating the imagination template. Inspired by the forms, to inspire, to serve other artists of light and color games, or bizarre characters, when Watching the nature to discover, as a suggestion.

Christian Riethmüller

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

For the Aschaffenburger photographer Gerhard Reusch, the bark of trees is a constant supplier of bizarre shapes, forms and colors, while taking a closer Look to pictures add, expressive or abstract landscapes thinking. “Nature is the greatest artist. This was given to me over the years more and more conscious. The more I’ve realized that natural artistic Potential in the tree bark and weathered old wood, I wanted more and more intense to the Furrows, notches, grooves, and so on: according to imaginary landscapes, figures, shapes, and colors. For the Surrealists, the tree bark would certainly be a good source of inspiration. I usually know pretty exactly whether it is worth it to take the camera in the Hand. The light plays a significant role. I prefer the subdued light of the Evening,“ says the 69-year-old photographer about his passion, for which he uses as a means of primarily cutting, Format, and contrast adjustment.

“To a certain degree of authenticity I value”

The subsequent image processing on the Computer, he verkneift as far as possible, although he admits, “I’m a little bit more time to color the screw”. Important Reusch, who was nearly four decades as a newspaper editor, that in his photographs are not immediately the origin of the figure, so the tree bark or waste wood, is recognizable. “To a certain degree of authenticity I, however, must be given especially to the consistency of the shapes and colors. The Existing have to fit into a homogenous Whole,“ he says.

His motives Reusch on trips, but especially on walks in Aschaffenburg and in the Spessart. Extensive range of camera equipment, he is not carrying it. To him, an older SLR camera, and a newer compact camera, both Nikon enough for his photo work. To accessories, such as filters, he dispensed with entirely. The bark of the trees, often birch or sycamore trees, offers, due to the influence of the weather, fungal infestation and the ravages of time, effects enough – “an inexhaustible Abundance of wonderful Design,” as Haeckel once wrote.