You may not know it, but it was in a Montreal workshop in 1939 that Moses “Moe” Nadler founded the Canadian Lady Corset Company, which launched the WonderBra brand.

“He had an eye for marketing. It was he who revolutionized the lingerie industry by manufacturing and selling bras at affordable prices in Montreal. He launched the WonderBra brand, which has grown into a global brand over the years,” explains Marianne Cobb, Managing Director of WonderBra.

WondeBra is a brand that has crossed continents and cultures and has known how to renew itself. Among the highlights, there was, in the 1960s, the creation of the push-up bra which was all the rage in Europe and the United States. The brand also innovated with the creation of the diagonal strap, synonymous with comfort. In the 1970s, in addition to launching a line of bras for teenage girls, the brand broke conventions and presented ordinary women in its advertisements instead of models, which created a surprise. In 1989, Just My Size was a line intended for women with a large build in Canada.

In 1994, we remember the advertising campaign that captured the imagination with model Eva Herzigová, dressed in black panties and a matching bra, and the Hello Boys that caused a stir. It appeared on a huge billboard in Times Square in New York and WonderBra became almost a cult brand!

With the 2000s, comfort became a priority for women and WonderBra launched unstructured and seamless collections. “Today, Canadian women want women’s underwear, with support, comfort, and affordable prices. We are developing comfortable products with and without underwire and ecological products, which is a concern for local women. In 2021 we launched the EcoPure collection, a line where everything is made from recycled materials,” explains Marianne Cobb.