“And another blown candle. And another year gone by,” sings a certain Patrick Sébastien. A heady tune marking a happy event, that of your birthday. This moment is even more special when we enter a new decade: 40 years. In 2022, many stars have passed this symbolic milestone, such as singers Jenifer and Chimène Badi or actress Laurence Arné and Princess Kate Middleton.

Rest assured, there is no question here of evoking the midlife crisis and even less the period of isolation during the Covid… The year of our 40th birthday often marks a turning point in our lives. Professional retraining, discovery in our personal life or desire to operate a new departure to a foreign destination, it is not late to realize your dreams.

For example, nothing prevents you from resuming your studies at university after 40 years. Others have made the bet to retire, to spend the quarantine. Even more surprising, some live a second youth by living a new love story or by winning the lottery jackpot. So, do you dare to take the plunge into the world of forties?

To celebrate this beautiful age as it should be, show originality by sending an unusual message to your loved ones. Your childhood friend or a member of your family has just turned 40 and you lack inspiration to wish them? With humor and kindness, Planet offers you a selection of original texts and messages in our slideshow below.