Introducing Britain’s Leading Cultural Figures in New BBC One Series

In a groundbreaking new series by BBC Arts, some of Britain’s most iconic cultural figures will be featured in unmediated interviews, offering audiences a closer look into their lives and work. The first subjects announced include comedian and actor Billy Connolly, author Jilly Cooper, poet Jackie Kay, playwright Hanif Kureishi, and artist Alison Lapper.

The series, titled “In My Own Words,” aims to provide viewers with intimate first-person testimonies and archival footage, allowing for a deeper understanding of the creative minds behind the UK’s cultural landscape. These documentaries promise to be a thought-provoking and emotional exploration of the lives and works of these renowned individuals.

Billy Connolly will reflect on his life with personal archive footage and classic stand-up performances, offering viewers an illuminating and poignant glimpse into his journey. Jilly Cooper’s film will celebrate her witty and insightful observations of British life, while Jackie Kay will share her powerful and emotive journey as a poet. Hanif Kureishi will provide fascinating insights into transforming life experiences into art, and Alison Lapper will explore her life through art and archive, following a difficult period of loss.

The series is set to premiere in the Autumn, showcasing great arts stories combined with real psychological revelations. With a lineup of talented filmmakers and producers, “In My Own Words” promises to be a captivating and enriching experience for BBC audiences.

Stay tuned for these intimate and revealing documentaries that offer a unique perspective on the lives and works of some of Britain’s most influential cultural figures.