Biathlon world Cup: Yes, so slowly the Germans are coming


    Sometimes, the small daughter to put you on the right path. If they demand things that you take for granted. “Dad, why didn’t you win today? Where is the gold medal?“, has Manon Fourcade asked your dad after the Sprint in Hochfilzen, in the he was “only” Second. “I didn’t know the answer,” said Fourcade, “so I promise you: Tomorrow you’ll get your Gold.” That was pretty easily done, because currently France Mister Biathlon can not keep up in the lane with his biggest adversary, Johannes Thingnes Bö. Because of 25 years of Norwegian in the tracker but left the same six discs, took Fourcade on the invitation. 20 shots, 20 hits – Gold for Manon. A week ago in Pokljuka he was himself a riddle, now he’s back.

    Claus Dieterle

    sports editor.

    F. A. Z.

    The same goes for Arnd Peiffer. Also, in the lower Saxony that has to do with a little girl. “You have not kept to my Plan,” said Peiffer, “she’s got him.” Because of the birth of his daughter, he had traveled too late to Pokljuka and his cold start to mentally not quite in the Biathlon. In Hochfilzen, he is back in the professional life arrived. Second place in the pursuit Fourcade – “so I’m really happy,” said Peiffer, who was in the Sprint to finish Fifth. And on Sunday, as the industry leader Fourcade and gust had a break, was a member of Peiffer in addition to Simon Schempp, Johannes Kühn, and Benedikt Doll in front of 10,500 spectators, the Quartet, despite a penalty lap of Bold was third with 28.8 seconds behind the winner, Sweden.

    you may safely speak of a successful Start in the Winter. Three podiums in five races – Bold Second – about 20 km in Pokljuka, Doll, third in the Sprint in Hochfilzen, Peiffer Second in the chase, which can see. Four Top-Ten places, and four men have met the standard for the world Championships in Östersund. “All say now: Yes, so slowly the Germans are coming. The claims are pretty high,” says Olympic champion Peiffer and is reminiscent of “years, as we had no up to Christmas, even on the podium. That’s why we can be so far more than satisfied. This shows that we are well positioned“. Construction sites included. Schempp has met the world championship standard, but with his running form still is not satisfied. Erik Lesser is a bit handicapped due to his back problems and must hope that the Christmas break.