What was this madness-final of the Biathlon world Cup in the Ruhpoldinger the Chiemgau Arena. The 24,000 spectators were completely “over the moon” and organized a hell of a noise. Yeah, it was a tough fight, since the bottom of Franziska Preuss and the Norwegian Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold delivered. Both were run off contribution in the mass start at almost the same time of the last Shooting, and then they tangled at the final round in a duel that was energized hard to beat. The attack was answered with the counterattack of the other, but for the good circuit and on the last groove, so to speak – saved Franziska Preuß, thanks in part to the faster Skis, as the First to the finish. For the first time she has won a world Cup race, which was not necessarily expected, but it is also no coincidence.

Claus Dieterle

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

The Trend was steeply upward, after that low point ten days ago in Oberhof, as the 24-year-old Skijägerin from Wasserburg am Inn in the Sprint on the 45th had landed. Out of the question. Of the coaches there was one on the cover, the Prussian was bent “pretty”. Now she is at the very top. “It’s an incredibly great feeling to win at home in my living room. In a perfect race with zero mistakes,” said Franziska Preuß and sound relatively in focus: “I didn’t even know who and how many behind me were because I did not understand in the noise of the Trainer.” In such cases, the view on the video wall helps, and since it was clear that There is room for two at least. “I would have been happy, but I still haven’t given up.” Finally, it has rewarded. “I appreciate all the more, after all these years.”

Alone in the Winter counts

Franziska Preuß was once mentioned in the same breath with Laura Dahlmeier, because of her great Talent. But the big career was for the time being. She was buffeted to the unlucky one in the German team, of mishaps, injuries, and diseases. This went so far that she has to take thought of everything. But so quickly you don’t give up just yet. Also if Franziska Preuß in the autumn for the world Cup Team had to qualify. “I’ve done quite a lot of pressure, was very tense, because I wanted to make it.” But it was also clear that, in the end, the Winter alone.

And the Best thing that could happen to her after all the setbacks: you came to health through the preparation. But she has also done a lot. “Because that’s already behind,” she said. “I have built up a circle of Physicians, to which I trust, the good for me. I’m at the osteopath, I can also talk a lot. These holistic practices are good for me.“ She took now and then a break. “Sometimes it is important to see the normal life. I always drive home to my parents on the farm. My sister has three children, the good for me is always insane.“ Or is she doing with her father mountain runs. She had started out as a track and field athlete – 800 meters. Until she was attacked by a Biathlon-Virus.