So happy Laura Dahlmeier was after her two Gold triumphs in Pyeongchang. “I can enjoy the degree more than the Olympic victory. This is really a special day,“ said the seven-time world champion after their almost incredible return in the Biathlon world Cup. As a Sprint-Second behind Norway’s Marte Olsbu and the also error-free Slovakian Paulina Fialkova of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, kirchnerin were missing on Friday evening in Nove Mesto, only 4.5 seconds to Comeback victory. “This is a totally emotional Moment for me,” said the 25-Year-old. In the pouring rain in the Czech Republic, Dahlmeier, who made a shooting error no longer came out after their Coup from the radiation.

Long it was after your race over 7.5 km, exhausted in the snow, she could not believe her luck. Almost by the way, you gave the women’s team the first podium of the winter, before ninth-place finishes at the first two world Cup races in Pokljuka and high were felting the best results. The weakest start to the season, the DSV-women’s is now history. “It was a brutal race. I am so happy and grateful that I am allowed to stand on the Podium,“ said Dahlmeier. Because in the autumn was not thinking of Biathlon. “At the end of September I was in the hospital for a week and I can’t get up. I can walk, I can’t imagine ever doing in my life again-performance sport, let alone get a Podium,“ said the former overall world Cup winner. In the pursuit race on Saturday (17: 00/ARD and Eurosport) has Dahlmeier a perfect starting position, and best opportunities on their 20. Success in the world Cup.

A special place

“It’s all possible. The pursuit race is my favorite. I must look and see how I regenerate. I’m still not quite at 100 percent,“ she said. For your return the exception-rounder had chosen a special place. In the heart of the Czech Republic they had brought in 2015, their first world Cup victory and was there two years before, for the first time at a world Cup. “It really is a special place. And that is exactly the right thing to do, to attack us again,” she said. “Comeback! Laura Dahlmeier is back,“ bellowed the stadium announcer, shortly after 18.00 hrs into the microphone. The 22 000 spectators celebrated the young German. Under the flood light, and during heavy snow, rain Dahlmeier ran with the starting number 84, as the last of the six DSV-St ski hunter on the inside.

This proved to be an advantage. After it initially had a lot of snow, it was on the track towards the end of the race when there is snow rain faster. “It would have been able to go out with the high start number is also different, but I had the luck today,” said Dahlmeier. With every step, with every shot, the doubt vanished. Dahlmeier met in the prone shooting all of the Windows and went to first was in the lead, she would have been struck at the stroke all she could have right away even celebrate a victory. Most recently, she had been nine months ago at the world Cup finals of the past season in Russia. After her Olympic Gala in South Korea, which ended with two Gold medals and one Bronze, she had thrown first a fall with the bike. Then “I have become ill and have had various strange things, complications,” she said. “I’m very, very glad that it is now different, and that I have overcome.” How to do it after the last world Cup this year, with Dahlmeier, is not yet clear. “The most Important thing for us the world Cup, which is relatively late, which is in March. Until then, quite a lot of time,“ she said. Thus, it is open whether Dahlmeier can go at the first world Cup in the new year in Oberhof at the Start. “It is determined to be so, that we can’t throw you completely in the world Cup. There are certain training blocks are missing, we try to compensate up to the world Cup,“ said Florian Steirer. The ladies discipline, the coach announced to take the Star, if needed, once in a while from the Team.