congratulations on your great Comeback with second place in the Sprint. What is it in the pursuit race this Saturday (17.00 to expect in the ARD) of them?

I think everything is possible, but I am happy about the first Podium of the season. The chase is my favorite race, which I always like. I have also made in Nove Mesto had been a good tracker. The distances are relatively small.

you Are again fully fit?

I need to see how I regenerate. I’m still not quite at 100 percent, but that was really a good race. But you have to leave the Church in the village.

It was an incredible race, an incredible Comeback…

For me, this is a very special day. A totally emotional Moment. At the end of September I was in the hospital for a week and I can’t get up. I can’t go for a walk, I can’t imagine ever doing in my life again-performance sports, let alone on a Podium to run the race at a world Cup. Now the holding has worked. It is a lunatic way. I have always fought for more, even if it was certainly easy. For a long time I doubted it, not believed in me.

Since when uphill goes it with you?

Only been a week and a half I started to feel really really good again, but didn’t know for what this good feeling is enough. That’s enough for the world’s top?

It was enough.

I’ve certainly had the best of luck with the starting number. At the beginning it did not look even then, but I think the luck was on my side. Despite the error, it was a brutal race. I am so happy and grateful that I am allowed to stand on the Podium. It really is quite something Special. A beautiful day.