(New York) Boy band NSYNC, a late 1990s sensation with future superstar Justin Timberlake among its members, released its first song in more than two decades on Friday.

The American group came together to compose Better Place, one of the songs from the soundtrack of the animated film Trolls 3.

Teen idols of yesteryear, last month they suggested a return to the studios, before making a joint appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony. The five members presented an award to Taylor Swift, the megastar clearly in awe.

The new track evokes the late ’90s and early ’00s style of dance pop that made NSYNC so successful, including Tearin’ Up My Heart.

It is the first track released by the band since their last album in 2001, Celebrity.

The following year, Justin Timberlake announced that he was launching a solo career, before the members officially said goodbye in 2007.

Justin Timberlake, 42, composed music for the first two Trolls films and his song Can’t Stop the Feeling! earned him an Oscar nomination in 2017.