in 2006, Would have to submit Matthias Altenburg a second identity, he’d be probably today, at the age of 60. Birthday, a Frankfurt-based writer who had in literature circles with a certain name, without, however, his books larger print runs to be achieved. To his and the reader’s happiness Altenburg came sometime on the idea to switch trial the Genre and to write a crime novel.

Joe rubbed seeds

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

The 2006 Rowohlt published Thriller, “A too nice girl” was a hit. Altenburg has published the work under the Pseudonym Jan Seghers and the other murder drama with Robert Marthaler as a Commissioner, he released under this name. The six Marthaler-thrillers have all been best-sellers, five have been filmed, and is also the youngest published a Bestseller with the title “fishers of men” will soon be seen in television pictures.

basis of real Frankfurt cases

Frankfurt has always been the, or at least a main scene in Seghers Marthaler novels. The metropolis on the main is not lit in them only, because also the less beautiful places to visit and places visited Altenburg in his research with the bike and carefully studied. However, the reader gains a detailed picture of this city, and the Frankfurt self may took delight in reading always to the many moments of recognition of locations. Like to Altenburg on holding on to the ragged edges of Frankfurt, in the Eastern harbour, on the Lohrberg, or in the Schwanheimer dune.