Vermont senator was praised and criticized for his renewable mittens on Social Networking

Bernie Sanders inadvertently uttered the spotlight in the presidential inauguration Wednesday, and he did it using a set of patterned mittens.

Eagle-eyed Twitter users seen the different hand attachment and made it a point to talk about their own ideas and jokes regarding the Vermont senator’s style choice.

“Bernie Sanders revealed up into the #InaugurationDay event looking like a guy who was planning to shovel the driveway, a guy who was going to enter his Subaru Forester and head into the supermarket.

While other Twitter users poked fun at Sanders’ mittens, a few time to praise the 79-year-old because of their sensible apparel.

The Vermont senator’s signature seem commanded respect from his supporters.

“Bernie rolling upward in his ONLY coat using a manila envelope under his arm and reasonable trade mittens all of the way on is BIG GRASSROOTS ENERGY,” tweeted a professional email clerk who goes from the mononym Fred. “This guy, a true one, obviously did not come for the pomp and circumstance”

But, Sanders’ viral mittens possess a deeper narrative that spans over a couple of decades.

The mittens were allegedly produced by Jen Ellis, a teacher by Essex Junction, Vt., that generated the sustainable present from recycled and weathered materials.

Ellis took a minute to affirm she left Sanders’ mittens hours following the senator went viral.

“I left Bernie’s mittens as a present a few years back,” Ellis wrote in a tweet.

In terms of the senator in question, Sanders chose his headline mitten second in stride.

“In Vermontwe dress hot — we understand some thing about the cold. And we are not so worried about great vogue,” Sanders told CBS This Morning’s Gayle King having a laugh. “we would like to stay warm. And that is exactly what I did now.”

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