White notebook! On Saturday March 11, 2023, the writer Justine Lévy, daughter of Bernard-Henri Lévy and daughter-in-law of Arielle Dombasle, has just married her companion, the Franco-Portuguese actor Patrick Mille. The latter is well known in the cinema since he has played in several cult feature films including 99 francs, Raid Dingue or La Doublure.

The 52-year-old artist has several strings to his bow because he is also a director. He has notably directed two feature films: Bad Girl and Going to Brazil. This year, he should be starring in the film The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan in which he plays the Count of Chalais.

In the columns of Marie-Claire, Justine Lévy, author of several successful books, confided in the one who shares her life, a funny man who brightens up their daily lives. “Maybe I chose it for that, for our common desire to laugh, even when there’s nothing funny, even when it’s not funny, to find something funny in this big tumble”, had she declared. Justine Lévy and Patrick Mille are parents of two children: Suzanne born in 2004 and Lucien born in 2009.

Births experienced as “an earthquake”, as she had declared in the rest of her interview. “We believe that we become a mother when we are pregnant, that we have decided it, that it is joyful, but in reality, we have not understood at all what it is about. was a thousand miles from imagining the tsunami, the earthquake that it is. I was not at all prepared for that. Even if I had read all the books of child psychiatry”, she explained and to continue : “I think I became a mother the day my daughter called me mum, the day I really understood that mum was me now. No longer my mother”.

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