employees can appreciate in terms of Christmas money happy: Nine out of ten are given in this extra year, the Federal Statistical office. Employers, for Employees, however, there is a less generous: Only every fifth offer of the year is guaranteed special payment potential applicants.

this is the result of the ask search engine Adzuna. For the analysis on 11. December put more than 580,000 job vacancies in Germany in terms of Christmas money. In only 20 percent of the surveyed vacancies was secures the payment of a Christmas bonus.

With a view to differences in the Federal employer to show in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany on the most generous: every third ad for the special payment will be offered. Behind, lower Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate, with a share of around 29 and 27 percent.

Attractive cities less generous

The most rare, there is the payment, however, in Berlin: With more than 35,000 studied ads only ten percent promised a Bonus at Christmas time. Within the 20 most populous cities in Germany employers have to pay in Bielefeld and Wuppertal the most common Christmas money: In approximately 25 percent of the listings of the Bonus is included. Behind Bochum, Germany follows with just under 23 percent to rank three.

much less of the payment in Munich, Germany (18th place) and Stuttgart (#19) with just under nine, or eight per cent. And also the more prosperous the applicable Dusseldorf promises in only six percent of the more than 12,000 surveyed ads an Extra to the Feast.

With a view to the different sectors is given for the Christmas money the most in vacancies in the manufacturing as well as in trade and construction. With 33 and 30 percent, respectively, every third position contains a Bonus at the end of the year. Slightly lower the proportion of logistics and warehousing as well as health and social care, with almost 26 percent. In IT and Technology, the share is only eight percent.