You do not need to criticize such a Look. At the end of the move, and Marina Hoermanseder is the most epic designer, you can think of. But you can criticize them, of course. Because of the lengthy drama. Because of the motivic mishmash of fetish references, Western allusions, Eighties reminiscences. And in General: because of the gaudy style.

Alfons Kaiser

editor responsible for the Department “Germany and the world,” and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin.

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Jennifer Wiebking

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

As economist Marina hoermanseder follows the market. The fashion designer Marina Hoermanseder, however, would call more often “Stop”. Because in their fashion show, one of the highlights of the Berlin fashion week, shows the audience that it is sexy to vulgar, just a little cut. The joke that was once dresses in the as stiff as thick Leather – he loses himself in the joke. Corset dresses? Not rich. We also need Western boots and cowboy hats!

The Designer as an authority – this is an antiquated view of the profession may be image. Anything goes, this is of course especially in Berlin, the Motto. But you can let your customers get away with anything? Should you can’t influencen by Influencer? No, because then authority, Image, and future of the brand to perish.

Just as an example: One wonders why at the Innsbruck fashion designer Rebekka Ruétz Models with wall Extensions on the catwalk. Well, because there are Influencer! Designers today can provide you with everything?

the calendar of the Berlin Fashion Week Look, you have to imagine something like Berlin itself: vast but not densely populated. Hien Le and Vladimir Karaleev are not, Perret Schaad has stopped, Dorothee Schumacher, Michael Michalsky sets because of his new job at Jet Set, and Hugo Boss occurs rather in February, big in New York. I hope you come back in July, at least with its line of Hugo. The Show last summer, is unforgettable: the curtain, and Wiz Khalifa sings “Black and Yellow” – something of a fashion week of the need for the feeling of the household. This Time, the empty spaces were filled with champagne. In the Borchardt was since Monday, no place, in many to Look.

The Positive remains a special part

Where? Here! From the accusation, at the Fashion Week in Berlin it is only about celebrating, not about the fashion, created by William Fan is a nice idea: The catwalk, the bar in the Karaoke Bar “Hickey” on Alexanderplatz. The fashion people sitting at the Bar and look at the Models up, running over to the counter. So the glitter coats to get the skirts with extreme hem flounces, Jackets and coats, which are so slotted, they look like Capes, on the big stage. Later, we will celebrate here until four o’clock in the morning, but at 21.30, it’s just fashion. It is one of the highlights of the week, from many trade fairs, award ceremonies, store openings, Showroom appointments, and View.