Nostalgia for Under the Sun fans. Between 1996 and 2008, Bénédicte Delmas played the role of Laure Olivier and formed a trio of friends with Adeline Blondieau and Tonya Kinzinger on TF1. Thanks to this character, the actress has gained notoriety among viewers.

After the end of the soap opera, Bénédicte Delmas explained, however, that she had a bad experience of the success of Under the sun. “I liked acting a lot, but I always had a lot of trouble with the aftermath, popularity was very heavy”, she admitted in Télé Loisirs in 2018. Today at 46, with the hindsight, I can say that I experienced it very badly. But I did not allow myself to experience it badly, because I told myself that I had a huge chance, that many projects did not work, that I had the chance to shoot in a series acclaimed by the public. It’s the public that drives us.”

This is why Bénédicte Delmas left the leading roles to go behind the camera. As a director, she had already directed episodes for Sous le soleil (in 2004). On the strength of this experience, the ex-actress notably directed several seasons of Plus belle la vie (2007-2016) on France 3, the spin-off Under the sun of Saint-Tropez (2014) or the TV movie Elles… Les Filles du Plessis (2015) and the detective dramas Tandem, Mongeville and recently Le Code on France 2.

A new role as director that Bénédicte Delmas particularly appreciates. “It’s the best job in the world, it’s creating a universe, building a world. For me, the Grail is doing what you write, but often it’s using an existing framework. In this case, we see how we can nourish and refine things to bring them our sensitivity”, she assured our colleagues. Will we have the chance to see her again on our screens as an actress? The page seems to turn for good. “I can’t see myself playing comedy. It’s not in my priorities. I found in writing and directing a mode of expression that satisfies me and that is sufficiently rewarding”, she said. entrusted in 2016 for France Net Infos.

As she celebrates her 50th birthday on July 7, the great friend of Tonya Kinzinger and Adeline Blondieau took the opportunity to unveil a sublime black and white portrait to her fans on Instagram. “What if today I celebrated my birthday?! I never do but 50 years is not nothing. I feel privileged in many ways”, she wrote, before slipping a beautiful tribute . “I am thinking of all the women in France and elsewhere, I wish them to be able to seize every moment that comes closer to happiness and also to love themselves, it is this love that makes us strong”. Back in pictures on the career of Bénédicte Delmas through our slideshow.