According to the brand new minister for education, Ben Weyts, there is more of a fuss than it needs to be done after the ruling on Jan Jambon, which is Thursday night announced that he will be the begrotingstabellen aware of holds for the opposition. “I think the people are strange to look at all this stuff,” said Weyts ‘in the Morning’ show on Radio 1.

At a sponsor dinner on the site announced, the Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon Thursday night that he will be the begrotingstabellen be aware to withhold it. “They are in a folder on my computer, at the martyrs ‘ square. However, if the opposition to ask them to do, I tend not to give up” a voice said triumphantly. Fuel to the fire of the opposition since Wednesday of the budgetary data calls, so that they can have the debate on the coalition agreement can be implemented. It didn’t take long for the decision on a critical hit, the movers and the shakers of the Green, the SP.A labor party, and Vlaams belang. “Degoutant”, klonkt the upset.

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“with Our accounts, right,”

An exaggerated response, is there, minister of Education, Ben Weyts (N-VA). In an interview with ‘The Morning’ show on Radio 1, he said that, in the judgment of the Ham is absolutely no bad blood you don’t have to put in. “This is the big deal about it, not worth it”, she said. “Ham and has, indeed, been said, and it’s also true that we are in the begrotingstabellen have. However, the large font, the lines of force, for example, the level of investment, we have indeed been given to it.”

Why is it not possible, though everything in opposition to it? “It takes a lot of work to get all that logic for the budget year. It’s not just down to the wheel, shaking. I understand that there are a lot of people like to discuss, and we will also give them a chance. We discussed in detail, but the committee that has been set up. We will show-the-money, , that our statements are correct.”

“We’re going to soon, again, those numbers are requesting, we will not see it, then I will be in the opposition to ask questions of the hemisphere and to the left”, said Björn Rzoska (Groen) Friday morning. If that is so, there is a debate in the Flemish parliament. “We’ll see,” said Weyts. “I think that’s a little strange to look at this thing.”

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