A 41-Year-old has been on Christmas in lower Franconia, with a bullet in the stomach hurt bad. The shot should have been delivered according to the initial investigation of a well-Known. According to a joint press statement by the police and the public Prosecutor’s office, the authorities of a crime of passion. The police went in the night to Wednesday with a large contingent after the Protect. In the early hours of the morning and the wanted man with dark hair and black clothes was still on the run. He could still be armed.

use of forces had found injured on Tuesday evening in front of the entrance of a multi-family house in Erlenbach am Main, Germany (Landkreis Miltenberg), where this lives. The ambulance service took the man to a hospital, where he underwent surgery. His injuries according to the police, not life-threatening. According to witnesses, the two men will have before the fact in the stairwell of the building had a big fight. The background to the dispute were initially unclear. Local residents had seen the offender before in the family house and the house knew, it was called by the police.

the police and the public Prosecutor have sent a Bolo out to the Public. Extensive search measures are not been a success. Is sought after the 28-year-old Anatol Wolf. The suspect is described as follows: 28 years old, 1.78 meters tall, slim figure, dark short hair, at the time, with a black jacket and black pants dressed.