Bella Thorne condemns Cuba’s “heartless” decision to tax food sales and calls for Biden to end brutal suffering”.


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Bella Thorne has called on all world politicians, including Vice President Biden to help end the suffering of citizens of Cuba following the new 10% food tax.

Cuba had announced the tax earlier in the month. The tax targets self-employed people and small and medium-sized businesses in the retail sector.

The move is a disappointment for the actress and singer Thorne, 24, who is half-Cuban. Thorne spoke out in an interview with Fox News Digital about her dissatisfaction with the economic woes facing Cubans and asked for Biden’s leadership to help those most affected.

The former Disney actress stated that she opposed the new tax on food sales imposed by the anti-democratic Cuban government because it increases the suffering of the Cuban people.

“It’s a cruel move that deeply upsets me, and it motivates me to do more to help Cuba get democracy. I hold the powerless thugs responsible for this decision and the suffering it will cause to the Cuban people, who want freedom just like me and you as Americans.

“Dictatorship controls all”

Thorne called out the “brutal corrupt dictatorship”, which the Cuban people have lived under for “over 60” years. Biden was asked by Thorne to “think about how it would feel to be an American to live for six decades without being able to share your thoughts or choose who represents you.”

She continued, “The dictatorship controls everything about Cuba, including media access and internet access.” “President Biden could work with Cubans to provide more access to the internet so that they can stop the Cuban government suppressing activists’ messages on social media,” she said.

Thorne specifically referred to Psiphon as a tool that allows Cubans to communicate to one another and fight internet censorship through sophisticated firewalls.

The timing of the levy was “catastrophic”, given that the country is currently going through its worst economic crisis for decades.

She stated that Cuba is not a country that respects human rights.

Reports indicate that the tax will be most detrimental to low-income households. Thorne stated that her fight for freedom (for Cuba) is something she feels deeply about.

Thorne sent a message to Cubans: “My heart goes to you, and to the raw suffering that you are still experiencing. We Americans care about freedom, and we are here to support you. Don’t lose heart. “You will soon see the day when your desire to be free like America is possible.”

Dyslexia diagnosed

Thorne’s father Delancey Reinaldo Thorne was a Cuban-born first-generation Cuban who was born on a military base near Key West, Florida. As a child, she spoke Spanish and was then diagnosed with dyslexia at the third grade.

She said that she couldn’t read or write so the learning center she was going to suggested I focus on English because it would be too difficult to concentrate on both languages.

This is not the first time that the star has publicly advocated for the peoples of Cuba.

Thorne shared an image of her dad and siblings with an indecent caption on Instagram, calling for international assistance to the country.

“I don’t know my Cuban family. She wrote that she has never been able travel to Cuba and met her family. I don’t know if the violence is affecting them right now or if they have water, food, or medicine. I don’t know whether they are safe and have survived the pandemic that is sweeping across this beautiful island. “Cuba needs our support,” I know this.