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The court’s seven government officials, for the legal compensation because they have been involved in a large-scale fraud in the Congolese adopted children. The newspaper was looking for and it was in the weekend supplement ‘here and NOW’ is the biological mother of the two children in Gemena, a city in the north of the Netherlands. Samira, Zakiatu in 2015 will come as the “essence” of being adopted by unsuspecting parents. In our interviews with parents in case of divorce.

With eight of the suspects of the large-scale adoptiefraude with the Local “weeskindjes of the federal public prosecutor’s office before a criminal court judge wants to be a drag. According to our sources, is a key player in Julienne Mpemba – for many years at the head of the orphanage in Kinshasa, and to the seven people who work or worked for the French-speaking Community. Some of them were standing in front of a red, green verkiezingslijst, one of them is performed with a high advisory capacity to the cabinet of Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort (PS). The federal public prosecutor’s office declined Friday to comment on the identity of the eight.

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in All, a reliable source, however, the past few days to get a letter from the federal public prosecutor’s office, in the bus, stating that they are officially under suspicion of being involved in the Local adoptiefraude. Concretely, they are to be blamed on the other hand, to looking up when it was released, and for several years gefoefeld with dates of birth, and photographs of the children who are also not being appeared.

the central figure was a Julienne Mpemba, a Speaking Congolese in the legal profession, who, for the PS, in 2014, to take part in the European parliamentary elections, it would be to the children and coordinated to have it. It was also the Mpemba who, in the Belgian ouderparen always directly, to get additional money. Self screams to them that she is innocent of. All eight will appear in the near future, the court which decides whether or not she is a criminal that should be displayed.

Painful testimonies.

After the large-scale adoptiefraude going to be particularly tragic as the stories are hidden. The tales of grief-torn families, which has been close to despair. That was in The Newspaper itself, in a remote corner of Congo, where we will find the biological mother of ‘ Samira Jaëlle, Zakiatu and jacob” looked for and found. None of the Local couples are now married, and after the kidnapping.

in Their testimonies, took us to the Belgian parents. “We have decided that all of the pictures and videos that you have made at Eastern, at the pre-trial investigation has to be added,” said their lawyer, Georges-Henri Beauthier. “It’s going to be relevant, the evidence, as it shows in the mess that they are responsible for are being created.” Friday, said Brussels-based lawyer with the image of the judge.