“Among the foreign fighters who are active on the front line of the Ukrainian civil war, the two Belgians have been identified.” Reports that the U.s. firm < / I>, The Soufan Center . According to our sources, there may be more, but it’s not that bad. The police, however, know of several fellow-countrymen of the extreme right-wing signature, which is governed by the Ukraine, to drag, to practice. Or, they can also be effective in the battle to participate, we are, however, not at all.”

” The Soufan Center report in a summarised report of the Ukrainian civil war, the 20,000 of foreign fighters. that are coming from over 50 countries. Some of them are fighting the pro-Russian side, as the others to support Ukraine’s onafhankelijkheidsstrijders. On either side of them, also, the Oekraïnestrijders can be divided into two groups: on the one hand, the people who, from an ideological point of view is gone, on the other hand, people who are just in for the thrill of the fight.

Whatever the motivation is, the observers are concerned about the phenomenon. “The people of extremism, signed using Ukraine as a training ground, just as the jihadis in Afghanistan and Syria, were going to work out. We have also asked the same question as the ex-jihadis : a: what should we do with this new foreign fighters. to start, if they are to return to the mainland?”